1. Proposal & Notes


For my final major project I want to create a new skateboard brand. I want to create a brand with a twist so I thought a brand that has two sides to it would create something really interesting, one side will be designed in a contemporary and slick way and the other side will be a kind of time warp of the same brand where all the design will be done in a vintage style.

Context and audience

My work tends to be focus on illustration with in design. I think by creating this skateboard double brand it will really allow me to focus more on my design skills rather than just illustration. This project falls into several areas of design, such as web design, branding, illustration as well as product design. I will be designing logos, websites and catalogue as well as creating designs and illustrations for products such as boards, wheels, stickers and t-shirts etc. Skateboarding has a creative culture around it, they are usually people who are into fashion and music and good design. My brand will reflect this and with the two sides to the brand I think I can create something different and quirky, but also stylish and in fashion.

Research and Methodology

To start of I will be researching what is already out there. I’ll be looking at skateboard brands such as Element, Emerica, Girl, Enjoi… etc. to give me a better idea of what is being done and what trends there are around skateboarding. I will also be looking into vintage skateboard brands and designs to help me when I come to designing the vintage half of my brand. I will need to look at web design and catalogue design. I will need to use a variety of programs, including: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Dreamweaver and or Flash. Dreamweaver and Flash are programs I have little experience with so this will give me the chance to learn them better as I think web design is an important skill to have in graphic design and is a skill I need to pick up.

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