46. Fast Eddie’s by Richie Stewart

Absolutely Love this, really great branding project by Richie Stewart. Although this is a completely different area of the market from what i am producing, for the vintage half of my website there is some similarities in that i am creating a vintage style approach to design and taking inspiration from graphics and textures and styles from the 70s skateboards to come up with design which suit. Richie Stewart has does just that but for a barbour shop. He has created something which wouldn’t look out of place in the 1950s. From the branding, logo design to the products and website everything works perfectly. I hope my own design are equally successful in taking the audience back in time.

Here is a quote from the artist explaing the concept and why he chose to design it in this way:

“Fast Eddie’s is a no nonsense barber shop found in Allston, MA. one of Boston’s many historical neighborhoods. This place is the epitome of traditional Americana, which I wanted the mark and typography to represent; Franklin Gothic and ATF Bodoni scanned from a letterpress book with a mashup illustration combining an iconic eagle and barber’s comb.

I wanted to stay away from the “red, white & blue” barber pole theme and stick with something high contrast and modern. Stark, rich blacks screen printed on whitewash 100 lb. card stock  give the collateral a strong masculine feel while referencing the brand’s age and history.”


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