82. Project Evaluation

This project has been a massive challenge for me, but one i have have really enjoyed. For the most part many of my other project have all been illustration based, so for this project i really wanted to push my design skills and step out of my comfort zone. I decided to do web design as it was something i had never done before and but something i had been interested in trying. This project allowed me to explore so many new avenues in my abilities as a designer, such as branding, web design and catalogue design but still having illustration incorporated into it. Creating the two different halves of Fifty FIfty has also been a challenge it has meant i have had to think about what is suitable where and which design ideas suit the concept. I would have liked to have experimented a bit more with designs and thing but the time limit and the amount of work i had to do made it difficult.

However overall i am really happy with what i have achieve in this project, it is the biggest project i have done but i have not let that effect the quality of my designs. I have worked really hard to create the best web designs and products i can, i have learnt alot in this project not only program wise but also about my abilities as a designer. I am really happy with the overall look of my web design and the interative PDF works really nicely in showing the website concept. I definitely feel i have met my brief and acheived what i set out to do.

For the degree exhibition i hope to get some of the products i designed printed. Perhaps one deck from each half of FIfty Fifty along with t-shirts and stickers as i feel this will bring my concept alive and will draw in a bigger audience.

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