28. Element Website

Element is an extremely well know skate brand and one of my favourites. There logo is really reconisable and works alone without the text. The products are really nicely designed. There website isnt as nice as the converse one as if feel a little spread out and doesnt have the same interative feel and feels more like a basic website.

Element offer mainly contemporary style skateboards, but they also have a decent stock of vintage style cruisers. (This is really promising for my concept as it proves there is a market for retro cruisers.) However like this many vintage sections to a website it is only a small portion and the website stays with the contemporary design. This is what i want to do differently, i want to offer the audience who are interested in vintage boards to get the full vintage experience when shopping. This is why i want to create a website with 2 halves, the contemporary style website for the contemporary skater and vintage style for those looking for retro boards and other products, i think this would encourage the customer much more likely to look around more.

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