27. Converse skateboarding web design

A major part of this project is coming up with a unique web design to show case my products which i will create. I have been looking into what is already out there.

This is the converse skateboarding website. i’m really into the design of this website, the navigation is done really well with moving objects and simple design. I particularly like how an image appears as you hover over each link in the menu, give you a sneak peak of what is to come.

I also really like the rolling images when you get into the products, image below show one shoe in colour, with the other versions in black and white. When you click the black and white shoe that then scrolls round and becomes colour. This is something i would really like to try and put in my own web design, maybe not the colour thing but perhaps have scrolling images of my products. However i have little experience in web design and i think i would need to know flash well before being able to do anything like this.

Link to website: http://www.converseskateboarding.com/

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