19. Branding Guide

Hugh suggested thinking about creating a branding guide to go with my Website and Catalogue. I have no idea what goes into one so i have started researching what others have done to give me a better understanding when it comes to doing mine.

I think this one by Symatecs is a good example of a branding guide, its clear and easy to understand. I hughtlights what the brand is all about and then gives an indepth description of how to market the brand and how to use the logo, colour themes, photo style etc.


Another branding guide M logo manual:


My thoughts:

Although i am creating a new brand i wanted this project to be more about the web design and product design and i feel this branding guide is another project in itself, i think it would be useful to have one but i would rather focus on what i planned to design rather than being distracted and then come back to this once i have design everything else. This also seems very corporate which im not sure suits this project.

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