51. Tutorial Notes

Another encouraging tutorial with Hugh. He said my design are good so far and the contrast of the two different half works really well, all just need refining but im almost there with the layout and general look and feel.

I now need to start designing the all the products and then creating all the web pages with the products one. This is going to be lengthy process. Hugh also said i need to deiced how im going to present it at hand in. My best is to create an interactive PDF as this will allow me just create all my designs in illustrator, as i have been doing and then taking them into Acrobat Pro and creating the interactive PDF by adding button. Interactive PDF are a great way to show how you might navigate through the website, although it is not as flexible as if did it in flash, it shouldn’t be take too much away from it feel like a website. I have ideas which would only be able to be shown if i know flash.

Things to do:

Start Designing Products, Decks, Wheels, Tees, Sticker etc

Once they are done Create all web pages as you want them to be seen.

Find Online tutorials of how to create interative PDF.

Then take all web page design into acrobat.

Once i have done all of that i can then create my physical catalogue to go with the website. Better to get the website all done before doing this though.

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