10. Vintage and Contemporary Skateboard Brand Logos

The logo is going to be an important part of my brand as with any branding but as i am creating 2 logos i have to get the styling right so the audience and differenciate between contemporart and vintage.

This is a collection of examples of vintage skateboard company logos i have collected. I wanted to see that kind of logos where around in the past. Looking at the kinds of typography used and colours themes will help me when i come to designing the vintage half of my brand. These logos seem to be very typography based, all have different font styles but tend to have a sense of movement, with the use of slanted text or swooshes and lines.


This is a collection of contemporary skateboarding brand logos.  Mostly tend have some kind of illustrative logo along with text and often the illustration part is used alone on the products with out the text. Simple san serif types tend to used making then logo look slick but at the same time eye catching with the use of illustration or spot colour.  These are all things i need to consider when making my own logo.

NOTE TO SELF: I think i need to start looking at all kinds of vintage and contemporary logo design aswell as skateboarding logos as i think just looking at skateboarding logos will influence me to creating something that is already seen in skateboarding and i need to create something new and different. However its is good to look at excisting logos as this gives me and idea of what is out there already.

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