Final Major Project

This project has been a massive challenge for me, but one i have have really enjoyed. For the most part many of my other project have all been illustration based, so for this project i really wanted to push my design skills and step out of my comfort zone. I decided to do web design as it was something i had never done before and but something i had been interested in trying. This project allowed me to explore so many new avenues in my abilities as a designer, such as branding, web design and catalogue design but still having illustration incorporated into it. Creating the two different halves of Fifty FIfty has also been a challenge it has meant i have had to think about what is suitable where and which design ideas suit the concept. I would have liked to have experimented a bit more with designs and thing but the time limit and the amount of work i had to do made it difficult.

However overall i am really happy with what i have achieve in this project, it is the biggest project i have done but i have not let that effect the quality of my designs. I have worked really hard to create the best web designs and products i can, i have learnt alot in this project not only program wise but also about my abilities as a designer. I am really happy with the overall look of my web design and the interative PDF works really nicely in showing the website concept. I definitely feel i have met my brief and acheived what i set out to do.

For the degree exhibition i hope to get some of the products i designed printed. Perhaps one deck from each half of FIfty Fifty along with t-shirts and stickers as i feel this will bring my concept alive and will draw in a bigger audience.


Fifty Fifty Skateboards is a new brand concept i came up with for my final major project. The whole idea was to create a new skateboard brand which would appeal to both the contemporary skater and the tradtional skaters who ride old school skateboards. The main part of this project was a website design, but branding and product design played a major part. I wanted to create a new browsing and shopping experience so I created a double website, one half being for contemporary skateboarding merchandise and the other for retro style skateboarding products. The contemporary website I designed in a slick and minimal way sticking to a strict grid. For the vintage half of the brand I designed it with a retro feel with destressed wood and a slightly more unorganised layout to fit with vintage theme. Aswell as the website i designed all the products. Decks, Wheels, Tees,  and stickers. Contemporary products i design with contemporary illustrations based around the theme of half and half. The vintage produst i deisnged using typography   as this fit with the 70s theme i was going with.

This is the final catalogue designed and ready to print. Each spread is design into the theme of the corrisponding products. I think this give my catalogue a unique quality, i think it makes it more visually exciting and is it quite different from the average catalogue.

As i am going be making a double catalogue i wanted to look at possible binding methods, there aren’t too many options but these are my favourite out of the one i have found. I think i need to make some moquettes and see what works.

This one i think you work particularly well as it will neatly separate the 2 halves but still be one catalogue.

This one i think would work nicely if i wanted the two halves of the logo side by side as they are on the website and then having the seperate catalogues behind either front page. But one would have to be upside down to be read it would need to be flipped.

To take a break from repeatedly making buttons, i’v begun designing my catalogue which will go along wide my website. These are a few pages i have done for the contemporary half. Each deck is present on a page where the illustration fill the page aswell as the deck. I really like this idea of theming each page. I think i need to try puting all the products for each theme on the same page to see how that would look, rather than having deck on one page, t-shirts on another etc.