49. Web Design Getting there?

I really feel like getting close to the look and feel of both halves of my website. These are some ideas i have had for pages within my website so far. I have mocked up a few products just to give me an idea of what i want layouts to look like etc.

For the contemporary part i haven’t changed too much, keeping it simple and sleek is the best option here i feel as when i eventually get the board designs etc done they will add the splash of colour which is needed it think. I have also added other element such as links to login pages and baskets. And an add to basket button and a zoom in button as there are element which many online shops have and make my design look more like an actual shop. I have made it all clear and easy to see making it look slick and contemporary as well as being easy to navigate.

For the vintage part of the website, i have kept to a similar layout to the contemporary. Having navigation on the left with logo above and info and other bits on the right with the product showcased in the centre. I feel this makes it an easy to navigate. Also as there is such a contrast in design aesthetics wise, i felt having a radically different layout wasn’t really necessary and keeping similarities reminds the viewer that they are both part of the same company. Although i have kept to a similar layout, there is a much more unorganised rustic feel to the hole thing. I have set buttons and objects at jaunted angles and added distressed textures to button and links giving them the appearence of old worn stickers on wood. Stylewise  i am happy with these though i think i need to work on which font to use, as it is much harder finding an easily ledgable font that suits. I also need to work on layout slightly more.

I have a tutorial tommorrow so will see how Hugh feel about these designs, if they are okayed, i can then start focusing on design the products to go on the website.

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