25. ‘New Skateboard Graphics’ -J. Namdev Hardisty

Just took this book out of the library, its brand new to library (perfect timing) New Skateboard Graphics showcasing hundreds of contemporary skateboards. I am already finding it inspiring, these are few images i took with my mobile (hence bad quality). I cant wait to start designing some graphics of my own.

I found this really great article on the book, really explains the importance of the grpahics on a skateboard and the brand idetity of the contemporary skateboards.

“New Skateboard Graphics” is one of the most comprehensive books to present the wildly diverse and energetic artwork created for today’s dynamic skateboard market. With more than 500 photographs showing skateboard designs from 60 companies, and in-depth interviews with more than 20 artists, the result is an illuminating and very colorful overview of skateboard graphics in the U.S. today.
The skateboard images in “New Skateboard Graphics” represent a vast range of styles and genres, from artist self-promotion and the graffiti-inspired, to simulated dreams, nightmares and fantasies and the psychedelic, to personality and world-view statements and much more.

“Skateboarding has never been more visual than it is now. The iconic graphic may be gone, but it has been replaced by the iconic brand,” Hardisty said, referring to the devotion many skateboarders have for certain companies once they find a series of designs they feel speak to their own traits, behaviors and thought patterns.

“Branding rules skateboarding now. The visual image that a company projects is everything. This is a reflection of how our individual personalities are allowed to play a part in the direction of skateboard graphic design.”


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