4. Branding Research

A major part of this project will invovle branding, so i have started to research the best way to go about this, as i haven’t ever done a branding project before so i need to see what others do when create a new brand which should hopefully steer me on the right path when creating my brand.

I came across this pdf of the Courney&co branding process which show how they break down the into chunks. This is definitely something i will need to do when creating my brand.

They broke up the process into 6 steps:

1 review, research and analysis
2 define strategy
3 Brand identity development
4 refinements and Contextual application
5 identity system and guidelines
6 logo implementation

More details break down here.


To start of i need to start researching my chosen area, gathering lots of visual research to give me a better understanding of how to approach my creating my brand. I need to look at what is already out there, see what works and doesnt work and try to create somthing new and different from what other are doing.

I will then need to bring all my research together and start thinking about attributes which will all influence the design of my branding such suitable colour themes and suitable typography for logo designs. As i am creating a brand with 2 halves i will have to do this twice, as i will need to make it easy for the viewer to differeciate between the vintage half and the contermporary half of the brand, so creating the right aesthetic is very important.

Once i have got a rough idea of colours theme and things i can then start to sketch out lots of logo designs and evetually come pick a handful to refine.

Things to do:

Stage 1: Gather research. Think about aesthetic using research. Start sketching logos.

Stage 2: Look at contemporary and vintage board designs, start skecthing ideas.

Stage 3: Research website design and catalogue design.

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