30. Skateboard Companies

I had look at these for research a while back but forgot to blog about them. These are probably some of the most well know skate brands out there at the moment, so it seemed appropriate for me to look at what they have which makes them so popular. All have a strong brand identity and strong themes linking to the identity when it comes to board graphics and things. This i definitely something need to consider when design my own product. I need to make sure they like to my brand identity rather than just creating something which might look nice (although that will be a part of it).

It is also useful to see how they set out there websites, although all of these skate brands have skate teams which mean they have a lot of photographic imagery on their sites, as mine is a new concept, i wont have a team so my website will be more about the products and creating a good aesthetic to showcase them, which will capture my audience. I think i showed try looking at smaller skate brands perhaps, to give me an idea of what brands without a team do and maybe just look at the products section of these websites.

Links to said websites:







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