I have now started the mammoth task of creating my interative PDF in Adobe Acrobat. So many buttons and links to make. This is going to take a while.


This is the main homepage for the whole website i wanted to keep it as simple as possible but still showing an obvious contrast and showing that is clearly a website with 2 halves.

Overall i have designed 73pages for this web design pdf. Now time to start linking them and creating my interative PDF website.


And this is all 38 of the the contemporary web design pages DONE

This is all 34 pages of the vintage half of the website DONE and ready to be linked up in Adobe Acrobat.

As this website is made up of two separate websites, i needed something on each web page that would quickly take you to the other half of the brand. So i came up with having a bottom in each corner on every page which will take you the other half of the website. For the contemporary half i have added a neat page curl revealing the vintage logo beneath which when you click on takes you to the vintage home page. On the vintage half i have dont the same thing but tried to make it look like a a piece of the wood has broken of leaving a splitery edge which reveals the contemporary logo underneath. I think this is a really nice way of linking the 2 halves of the website.


I thought as i am doing a catalogue to go alongside my website it would be sensible to look at other skateboard catalogues to see how they show their products. Most of them seem to be pretty similar and nothing really distinguishes one from the other, lots of photos, with rows and rows of products on every page. 

This is a catalogue by Habitat skateboards. Habitat Sp12 Hardgoods & Carryover Lo

I already have a fair idea of what i want to do with my catalogue. I feel my idea for the catalogue will make fifty fifty stand out from the rest as i intend to create a double catalogue of some sort, so like the website you can look at either contemporary or vintage and not has them merged together. I havent decided exactly how i am binding it yet so i need to research this.

So i’ve just spend last few days getting the vintage products designed, they are almost done. As you can see i have gone with the colour organised theme inspired by the thrift stores i looked at. I have made each deck a different style of cruiser to give it that thrift store feel of a random collection. All the graphics and designs on the decks, t-shirts and stickers are all really simple to reflex the simple designs i found where on real vintage boards in my research. All the decks have a nice painty scratchy texture to them to make them look really old. Im almost there, once i have finished these i can then start finishes the web pages to then start making my interactive PDF. Then once i have done that i can then design my catalog.